Preventive Maintenance of Auto Coater

  1.0     OBJECTIVE             

1.1       To lay down a procedure for Preventive Maintenance of Auto Coater.

  2.0     RESPONSIBILITY                                                  

  • All Tec. Assistants – To perform the preventive maintenance activities as per the respective SOP.
  • All Executives (Eng.Dept.) – To prepare and comply the preventive maintenance SOP.
  • All Department Heads – To implement and compliance of this SOP.

  3.0     PROCEDURE           

3.1 Weekly Maintenance

  • Check all contactors and tighten the line connections.
  • Check all solenoid valves and coils for proper working.
  • Check the working of all PLC interlocks.
  • Check the tightness of all fasteners, if required tighten all fasteners.
  • Check for air leakages from PU tube and connectors, if found arrest the same.
  • Check the working of steam trap, inlet air handling unit and dehumidifier.
  • Check the working of steam control valve by changing the inlet set temperature values, if required repair / replace the control valve.

3.2 Monthly Maintenance

  • Check the oil level in the gear box, if required refill with fresh oil up to the mark.
  •   Check the pan supporting wheel bearings, if required lubricate the bearings.
  •  Check the v-belt/chain tension, if required replace or adjust the v-belt/chain tension. (Wherever applicable)
  • Clean the AHU pre filters and scrubber unit filters (wherever applicable) and scrubber unit chamber.
  • Check the working of inlet and exhaust dampers and its solenoid valves, if required repair or replace it.
  • Check the pneumatic actuators working condition and leakages, if required replace the gasket of the actuators.
  • Check the gun bar pneumatic cylinder alignment, if required re-align the alignments and check the movement of the cylinder shaft.
  • Check the working of steam control solenoid valves.
  • Check the functioning of all inter locks.
  • Check the working of compressor and its interlocks.(Wherever applicable)
  • Clean the condenser coil, chilled water/evaporator coil and wet scrubber unit with water. (Wherever applicable)
  • Check the working of condenser fan and its inter connections. (wherever applicable)
  • Check the working of dehumidifier bed drive, if required clean the bed by passing the compressed air at 1kg/cm² from the reverse direction of air flow.
  • Check the working of dehumidifier heaters, if required replace with new heater.

3.3 Yearly Maintenance

  • Check the motor bearings condition, if required replace with new bearings.
  • Drain the gear box oil and top up with fresh oil up to the mark.
  • Check the condition of steam coil, if any leakages observed arrest them.
  • Check the inlet and exhaust blowers working and clean, if required.
  • Check the scrubber unit filters condition, if required replace with new filters.(Wherever applicable)
  • Check the condition of HEPA filter for physical damage and integrity, if required replace the filter with new one.
  • Check the steam control valves for proper functioning, if required replace the valves with new one.
  • Check the condition of all gaskets and replace all gaskets once in year.
  • Check the condition of dehumidifier bed, if required replace with new bed.
  • SOP  :-  Standard Operating Procedure
  • AHU :- Air Handling Unit
  • PU     :- Poly Urethane
  • PLC   :- Programmable Logic Control
  • HEPA:- High Efficiency Particulate Air

5.1         SOP: Procedure for preventive maintenance


Annexure – 1    Weekly preventive maintenance checklist

Annexure – 2    Monthly preventive maintenance checklist

Annexure – 3   Yearly preventive maintenance checklist

Annexure  – 4    List of lubrication points and safety controls



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