Preventive Maintenance of HPHV Autoclave

1.         OBJECTIVE             

1.1       To lay down the procedure for Preventive Maintenance of Autoclave

2.         RESPONSIBILITY                                                  

  • Assistant – Engineering &Production  – To follow the SOP
  • Executive – Engineering & Production – To comply the SOP

3.         PROCEDURE

3.1       Monthly Maintenance

3.1.1     Check the Oil level in the FRL unit assembly and refill the oil with in the limits.

3.1.2     Check all electrical connections in the panel if required tight all screw fastenings

3.1.3 Check the steam traps for proper working, if not replace with new one.

3.1.4 Check the Air leakages from all PU connectors and PU tubes.

3.1.5 Check the functioning  of all solenoid valves, if it is not working properly clean the coil and plunger unit or replace the Coil.

3.1.6 Lubricate the synthetic grease to guide track of the door.

3.1.7 Check the leakages from the door gaskets, valves and from all joints.

3.2       Half Yearly Maintenance

3.2.1 Check the Solenoid valves and coils, clean the valves and if require replace the Coils

3.2.2 Check the Pneumatic cylinder seal kits if required replace the seals with new seals

3.2.3 Check the condition of Pneumatic actuators, if required replace with new one.

3.2.4 Check the actuator gaskets for leakages, if require replace with the new gaskets

3.2.5 Check the steam valves for leakages, if require replace the gaskets

3.2.6 Check the gland rope or mechanical seals of the WRVP for leakages if required replace the new gland ropes or Mechanical seals

3.2.7 Check the door Gaskets condition if require replace the with the new gaskets.

3.3 Yearly maintenance

3.3.1 Check the vacuum pump and motor bearings, if required replace the bearings.

3.3.2 Check the water leakage from the pump, if required replace the gland rope or mechanical seals

3.3.3 Check the safety valves working condition.




  • Annexure – 1    Monthly Preventive maintenance check lists
  • Annexure – 2    Half yearly preventive maintenance check lists
  • Annexure – 3    Yearly preventive maintenance check lists

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