Procedure for the cleaning, storage, usage and maintenance of packing machine change parts

1.         OBJECTIVE             

  1. To laydown a procedure for the cleaning, storage, usage and maintenance of packing machine change parts.

2.         RESPONSIBILITY   

  • Technical Assistant – Cleaning/storage/Maintenance of packing machine change Parts.
  • Executive  – Responsible for Cleaning/storage/Maintenance of packing  machine change parts.

3.         PROCEDURE                       


3.1.1    Dismantle the change parts from the machine.

3.1.2 Clean the change parts, using lint free dry cloth.

3.1.3    Check the change parts removed from the machine and keep the change  parts in the rack provided.

3.1.4    Affix a cleaned label to the change parts.

3.1.5    Clean and lubricate the change gears.

3.1.6    Clean other parts with lint free cloth.

3.1.7 Frequency of cleaning for all the change parts which comes into contact with the product – For every three batches (of similar products), or after  every batch (for different products), or weekly (if machine is in operation) or monthly (if machine is idle) which ever is the earlier and as and when required.

3.1.8 Frequency of cleaning the change parts, which do not come into contact with the product – after every product change over or every month if machine is idle.


At all times when not in use the change parts shall be stored in racks duly identified.


 NOTE: Handle all the change parts carefully during assembling and dismantling.

Size changeover is always done after complete dismantling of the change parts previously used.

Assemble all the change parts after cleaning of the machine.


Incoming inspection – Engineering department shall receive the change  parts from the supplier and subject them to the inspection. Any sets not  conforming to the specifications are returned to the supplier for the replacement.

On receipt of the change parts into the department the production personnel shall inspect the parts, identify them with the appropriate number.

If any damage occurs to the change parts it should be immediately intimated to the maintenance department for corrective action.

Record the details in change parts record

Precautions: Take care that critical parts like blow head, counter-sealing roller of  Blister packing machine, sealing rollers of strip packing machine, punching tool, embossing tools are kept in safe area.

 Collect properly the embossing rollers & keep them in safe area.

4.         ABBREVIATIONS   


5.         REFERENCES          


6.         ANNEXURES

            Change parts record



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