Operation Procedure of Air Compressor and Dryer


       To lay down a operation procedure of Air compressor and Dryer.


  • Assistant  – Engineering  –  To Follow the SOP
  • Executive – Engineering – To Comply the SOP


       3.1   PRECAUTIONS

  • Ensure that air outlet valves of Air compressor and air inlet valve of drier are in open condition.
  • Keep ready air compressor and dryer.
  • Do not open the by pass valve when the dryer is in operation.
  • Do not adjust or tamper the safety devices.

      3.2 PRE START UP

  • Drain Condensed water from heat exchangers
  • Check for proper valve position of after cooler, air receiver and air drier
  • Keep discharge valve open condition before starting the compressor


  • Start the Air compressor by following the instructions displayed on MMI  of the PLC  
  • Drain all low points in compressor suction and discharge lines.
  • Drain condensate water from air receiver, pulsation bottles and moisture separators.
  • Switch on the dryer towers
  • Drain the water from pre, after and oil removing filters
  • Check and ensure there should not be any abnormal noise from the compressor
  • Record the operating parameters in Annexure-1 for every one hour
  • Lubrication Oil Pressure :        1.1 to 2.8 kg/cm
  • Interstage Air Pressure    :        2.0 to 3.5 kg/cm
  • Discharge Air Pressure    :        8.5 to 10 kg/cm
  • Load in Amps                  :       50

  3.4  SHUT DOWN

  • Switch off the power supply to the motor through the on-off switch on the starter cum control panel. The air compressor automatically unloads before stopping.
  • Switch off the supply for dryer towers
  • Drain the water from pre, after and oil removing filters
  • Close the outlet valve


MMI :   Main Machine Interface

PLC :    Programmable Logic Controller

5.         REFERENCES


6.         ANNEXURES

6.1       Annexure- 1 -Daily log sheet of Air Compressor & Drier.


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