Operation Procedure of Steam Boiler 6-Ton

1. OBJECTIVE                                     

     1.1    To lay down a procedure for Operation of steam Boiler  6–Ton.

2.         RESPONSIBILITY   

  • Assistant    Engineering – To Follow the SOP
  • Executive   Engineering – To comply the SOP

3.         PROCEDURE                                               

   3.1       PRECAUTIONS

  3.1.1    Do not by pass any safety interlock.

3.1.2    Check the mobrey air break switch for low-level indication giving blow down at every 8 hours of operation.

 3.2       PRE START UP

 3.2.1    Check the water level in boiler.

 3.2.2    Check the water level in day tank.

3.2.3    Check the water hardness and PH once in a shift, the hardness should be below10 ppm and pH should be 8.5 to 9.5

 3.2.4    Check the fuel oil level in day tank

 3.2.5    Switch on the feed water pump.                                                         

3.2.6    Ensure proper temperature of Furnace Oil in Oil pre heater.

3.2.7    Open the fuel circulation valves

3.2.8    Start the fuel pump for oil re circulation

3.2.9 Close the boiler stop valves.

3.3       SET UP           

3.3.1    Steam pressure switch setting  -10.2 kg/cm2  (High), – 9.0 kg/cm2 (Low).                                                     

3.3.2    Modular pressure switch setting  – Main scale at 8.5 kg/cm2.

 3.3.3    Safety valve on oil pre heating header – 3.0 kg/cm2.

  3.3.4    Fuel oil pressure at low flame – 13 to 14 kg/cm2 & High flame – 19 to 20 kg/cm2.

   3.3.5    Fuel oil backpressure at low flame  – 13. to 14 kg/cm2 & high flame – 19 to 20 kg/cm2.

   3.3.6   Fuel oil pre heating header pressure switch  – 3.0 kg/cm2.

   3.3.7    Fuel oil temperature   Min  – 900C.

                                                  Max   – 1240C.

  3.3.8    Stack temperature    Max – 3000C.

3.3.9 Pressure Reduction Valve Setting on fuel & Oil pre heating line – 3.0 kg/cm2

3.3.10  Feed water hardness – below 10 PPM.

   3.4       OPERATION

    3.4.1    Switch ON the fuel pump

    3.4.2    Check the oil  temperature and pressure

    3.4.3    Check the water level in Boiler

    3.4.4    open the Air vent Valve

    3.4.5    Switch ON the AUTO  button on MMI

    3.4.6    Check the flame Condition

   3.4.7    Close air vent valve after shell pressure has reached to 1 kg/cm²

3.4.8    Put  the modulator & firing control switch in ON position after shell pressure has reached to 3 kg/cm²

3.4.9    Check the modulating system working or not.

3.4.10  Check the smoke condition.

3.4.11  Open the stop valve after shell pressure has reached to 5.o Kg/cm2.

3.4.12  Give the blow down according to salts concentration in Boiler.

3.4.13  Blow down the water from mobrey in regular intervals                      

3.4.14  Check the flame condition through view glass

3.4.15 Check the steam leakage and rectify if any.

3.4.16 Check and record the operating parameters in daily log sheet every one hour.

3.5       SHUT DOWN

      3.5.1      Put the modulating switch in ‘OFF’ position.

      3.5.2      Put the firing control switch ‘OFF’ position.  .

      3.5.3      Switch in ‘OFF’  the ‘AUTO’ button on MMI.

      3.5.4      Switch ‘OFF’ the blower.

3.5.5  Close the steam valve of oil heating header.

       3.5.6    Switch off the fuel pump.

       3.5.7    Close the fuel pump valves.

       3.5.8    Close the main steam valve.

3.5.9 Open the Air vent valve.

3.5.10`   Switch off the boiler panel

       3.5.11    Check all valves and switches once again.

      3.5.12     De-Pressurize the boiler.


4.1         PPM     Parts per million

4.2         MMI    Man Machine interface

5.         REFERENCES


6.         ANNEXURES

  6.1       Annexure – 1   –           Daily log sheet of steam boiler


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