Procedure for handling of Expired Raw Materials

1.         OBJECTIVE             

             1.1      To lay down a procedure for handling of Expired Raw materials       

2.         RESPONSIBILITY   

  • Technical Assistant / Executive – Stores responsible to identify and segregate the  expired material
  • QA – Executive shall be responsible to verify and labeling of the on-line rejected/expired material, to verify the non-conformance(s) if any and communicate to the Purchase Department for necessary action if required and to monitor the destruction activity
  • Executive-Safety shall responsible to perform the destruction activity
  • In-Charge-Stores shall responsible to ensure the compliance as per SOP

3.         PROCEDURE                       

  •      The Executive stores shall verify all approved stocks on monthly basis for expired


  •      Materials which are non-moving in nature got expired over a period of time in the stores

             shall be identified and transferred to the expired area.

  •      Strike out the existing approved label with a cross mark and affix the “EXPIRED

             MATERIAL” label in red colour (Anexxure-1).

  •     All expired materials shall be segregated by MRR / Lot Number wise and stored separately in

            rejected material storage area.

  •      The quantities shall be checked and enter material details in the Expired Materials Stock

             Register (Annexure-2).

  •  Expired materials details shall be informed to Planning department for disposal instructions
  •  On receiving the disposal instructions from planning department In-Charge stores shall initiate MNC as per SOP .
  • QA personnel shall be forwarded the ‘Issue Details Report’ after approval of the initiated MNC by In-Charge QA and/or Head QA to the Stores Department for disposal of the material

      Destruction Procedure:

  • After getting the ‘Issue Details Report’ from QA, Stores personnel shall be initiated destruction process of the material as per Annexure – 3. 
  • The duly filled destruction format (Annexure – 3) and a copy of ‘Issue Details Report’ shall be forwarded to safety department along with expired raw material for destruction.
  • After getting approval from Head-Q.A. remove the expired raw material from expired material room.
  • Safety personnel shall destroy the material by dissolving in a bucket of water and finally discard the same into Effluent Treatment Plant. The same process shall be repeated for the entire rejected/expired quantity
  • The Stores In-Charge and Quality Assurance personnel shall supervise the entire destruction process.
  • Entries shall be made in the expired materials stock register after disposal.


4.         ABBREVIATIONS   

4.1       Q.A      –  Quality Assurance

4.2       MNC    –  Material Non Conformance

5.         REFERENCES          

5.1 Procedure for reporting and monitoring of Material Non-Conformance

6.         ANNEXURES            

6.1       Annexure – 1     – “Expired Material” label..

6.2       Annexure – 2     –   Expired Material Stock Register

6.3.       Annexure—3     –    Destruction Record.



We have received approval from purchase for destruction of ___________________________________

as per the enclosed list vide document numbers from ____________ to ___________ date.  We

seek your clearance to destroy the same.


(Warehouse – In charge)                                                                      (Quality Assurance)

Approved by : _________________

                         (Head RA & QA)

Destruction of Rejected goods

Date of destruction                              :

Destroyed by                                       :

Mode of destruction                            :

Remarks (if any)                                  :

Destruction supervised by                   : ______________________  __________________________

                                                              (Warehouse – In charge)               (Quality Assurance)

Encl. : Details of products /  materials, Batch No. & quantitiy.



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