Preventive Maintenance of Air compressor & Dryer

  1. OBJECTIVE             

1.1       To lay down a procedure for Preventive Maintenance of Air compressor & Dryer  

2.     RESPONSIBILITY                                                  

  • Assistant    Engineering  – To Follow the SOP
  • Executive   Engineering – To comply the SOP

3.     PROCEDURE                       

  •  Clean the air intake filter with compressed air
  • Check and ensure the air compressor load is below 20 Amps during unloading and below 50 Amps during loading.
  • Check and ensure no air leakages in the system.
  • Check the condition of belts.
  • Check and ensure the automatic drain valve function
  • Check and ensure the by-pass valve of dryer  in closed condition
  • Check and ensure the function of the Dryer
  • Check and tighten the motor Bed Bolts.
  • Clean the contactor kits with carbon tetra chloride.
  • Open the motor terminal covers and tighten the terminals, replace terminal strip if terminals are broken.
  • Clean the control panel with air blower and ensure no control wires should hang, tag the wires with cable tag if it is hanging.
  • Check the oil level in air compressor, fill with oil if it is below the level.
  • Check for any leakages in the pipe lines connected to dryer and receiver.
  • Clean the automotive drain valve strainer
  • Check  the alignment of the motor pulley and compressor pulley.
  • Regrease the motor Bearings.
  • Clean the inlet  discharge valves and replace if worn out or damaged.
  • Open and clean the main, exhaust, non return, automatic drain  and solenoid valves.
  • Check the Air suction and Discharge valves for worn-out  Parts, replace if required.
  • Replace the Compressor  cartridge oil filter.
  • Clean the oil strainer and oil cooler.
  • Clean the heat exchanger tube bundle assembly.
  •  Replaced  the suction filter element


  • Check and clean the contactors, replace the contactor kits if it is damaged.
  • Air inlet filter element to be replaced.
  • Clean all the filter elements of dryer
  • Replace the oil in the air compressor
  • Check and ensure cylinder and cylinder heads are ok.
  • Check and ensure no vibration of driven pulley.
  • Check and ensure piston and packing rings are ok
  • Replace all elements of dryer once in a year
  • Check the physical condition of alumina, replace if required.
  • After cooler (Water Cooled)De-Scaling shall be done once in  year



5.         REFERENCES


6.         ANNEXURES

6.1       Annexure – 1               List of Air Compressor.

6.2       Annexure – 2               Weekly Preventive Maintenance Check list

6.3       Annexure – 3               Monthly Preventive Maintenance Check list

6.4       Annexure – 4               Quarterly Preventive Maintenance Check list.

6.5       Annexure – 5               Half yearly Preventive Maintenance Check list.

6.6       Annexure – 6               Yearly Preventive Maintenance Check list.


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