Preventive Maintenance of Fluid Bed Drier

  1. OBJECTIVE             

1.1       To lay down a procedure for Preventive Maintenance of Fluid Bed Drier-20Kgs, 120Kgs.

  1. RESPONSIBILITY                                                  
  • Assistant – Engineering       – To follow the SOP
  • Executive – Engineering       – To Comply the SOP
  1. PROCEDURE           
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Check the pneumatic cylinders and solenoid valves for proper working condition.
  • Check earthing bracket plungers for proper working, if required lubricate the plungers.
  • Check the product bowl trolley castor wheels for free movement, if required lubricate the wheel bearings.
  • Check the scrubber unit solenoid valves for proper working.
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Check steam control valves and actuators for proper working ensure that no steam leak will be there in the lines and at actuators.
  • Check the filter bag-shaking cylinder, if required adjust the cylinder for proper function.
  • Check the pneumatic lines and cylinders for leakages, if found arrest the leaks.
  • Check the air pressure of the upper seal, if required adjust the pressure regulator and switch.
  • Clean the scrubber unit filter bags with water and dry with air, clean the collection container.
  • Check for the damper actuating pneumatic cylinder ‘O’ ring and replace if necessary.
  • Clean the inlet & outlet air handling unit pre-filters.
  • Check the inter locks are working properly.
  • Check the pneumatic valves and pressure switches for proper working condition.
  • Yearly Maintenance
  • Check the steam coil for leakages if found any arrest them or replace the steam coil.
  • Check the blower motor and impeller housing bearings for abnormality, if found replace the bearings, and check the impeller balancing.
  • Check the system filters and pre-filters, if required replace with new filters.
  • Check the exhaust module HEPA filter, if found any damage repair it or replace with new filter.
  • Check the upper seal and lower seals condition, if required replace with new seals.
  • Check the castor wheels condition, if required replace with new wheels.


  • Annexure-1     Weekly preventive maintenance checklist
  • Annexure-2     Monthly preventive maintenance checklist.
  • Annexure-3     Yearly preventive maintenance checklist.

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