Preventive Maintenance of Vibro Sifter

  1. OBJECTIVE            
  1. To lay down a procedure for Preventive Maintenance of Vibro Sifter – 12”, 30”.
  • Assistant – Engineering  – To follow the SOP
  • Executive – Engineering – To comply the SOP
  • 3.0 PROCEDURE                      
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Check the hopper supporting compression springs for tension and balancing of the hopper.
  • Check the motor amps and working condition should be with in the limits.
  • Check the lead weights for proper vibrating, if required increase or decrease the vibration according to the working action.
  • Lubricate the motor bearings by using grease gun.
  • Check the hopper holding clamps and gaskets, if required replace the gasket.
  • Yearly Maintenance   
  • Check the motor bearings condition for abnormality, if required replace the bearings.
  • Check the motor winding resistance, load current and starter contactors condition, if required clean the contactors with CTC or replace the contactors.
  • Check the castor wheels for free movement, if required clean the bearings and apply the grease to the bearings.
  • Check the condition of the compression springs, if required replace the springs with new springs.
  • 5.0 REFERENCES           


  • Annexure-1    Monthly preventive maintenance checklist.
  • Annexure-2   Yearly preventive maintenance checklist.

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