Preventive Maintenance of Octagonal Blender

  1. OBJECTIVE            
  1. To lay down the procedure for Preventive Maintenance of Octagonal blender 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 2250 Ltrs.
  • Assistant – Engineering   – To follow the SOP
  • Executive – Engineering  – To comply the SOP
  • 3. PROCEDURE                      
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Check the plumber block housing bolts, if required tight the bolts.
  • Check the gearbox and motor fastenings, if required tight the fastenings.
  • If the PCS is connected to the Blender check the vacuum pump oil level through view glass, if required top up with vacuum pump oil.
  • Lubricate all the bearings by using the grease gun.
  • Check the electrical lines, contactors and motor terminals, if required tighten the same.
  • Check the chain for slackness, if required tight the slackness and apply grease to the chain links. 
  • Check the inter locks for proper working.
  • Half-Yearly Maintenance
  • Check the gearbox oil viscosity, if required drain the gear oil and refill with new gear oil.
  • Check the taper roller bearings and oil seals of the gearbox, if required replace with new one.
  • Check the motor bearings for abnormality, if required replace the bearings with new one.
  • Check the chain and sprocket assembly, if required replace the sprocket with new one.
  • If the drive is motor-coupled check the coupling and the spider condition, if required replace the spider in the coupling. 


  • 5. REFERENCES         


  • 6. ANNEXURES                       
  • Annexure-1     Monthly preventive maintenance checklist.    
  • Annexure-2     Half Yearly preventive maintenance checklist.


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