Preventive Maintenance of Gas Chromatograph (Agilent)

1.0       Objective

1.1       To describe the procedure for preventive maintenance of Agilent   GC

2.0       Responsibility

  • Executive  – Quality Control– To perform the preventive maintenance activity.
  • Head Quality- Quality Control  – To ensure compliance against established schedule.

3.0 Procedure


  1. Ensure that the power supply power supply to the instrument is switched “off” before starting the preventive maintenance.
  2. Clean the instrument with a clean dry cloth every day.

3.1 Performance checks shall be done for the following parameters before doing preventive maintenance

  • 3.1.1 Flow accuracy
  • 3.1.2 Retention Time Reproducibility
  • 3.1.3 Area Ratio Reproducibility
  • 3.1.4 Oven Temperature
  • 3.2 Enter the values in standard maintenance card as per sop

      The following components of GC shall be subjected for preventive maintenance on the schedule date.

  • 3.3.1 Instrument shall be cleaned from dust with a blower
  • 3.3.2 External gas leaks shall be checked with soap solution , all valves shall be tighten in case any leaks found.
  • 3.3.3 Clean the injector port liner and change the septum
  • 3.3.4 Clean the detector parts with DMA
  • 3.4 HEAD SPACE
  • 3.4.1 Clean the system from dust
  • 3.4.2 Clean the HSS needle or change as and when required.
  • 3.4.3 Check the status of rotor and stator of the HSS valve (sampling)
  • 3.4.4 Check the contamination of transfer line.
  • 3.4.5 Perform stream cleaning of HSS.
  • 3.5 Enter the performance checks and preventive maintenance checks in standard maintenance card as per SOP
  • 3.5.1 Stick the under preventive maintenance label during performing
  • 3.5.2 Enter the preventive maintenance status details as per SOP Preventive Maintenance Programme for Laboratory Instruments..
  • 3.5.3 Frequency of schedule is every 3 months.
  • SOP  – Standard Operating Procedure
  • NMT – Not More Than
  • % RSD – Percentage Relative standard deviation
  • Calibration of gas chromatograph
  • Preventive Maintenance Programme for Laboratory Instruments.
  • 6.0 ANNEX URES



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