Qualification Report for Weighing Balances


1.1 Objective is to record the findings of qualification study executed as per pre-approved protocol and to show that the digital weighing balance stands qualified for routine use.

2.0  SCOPE:

2.1 The scope of this report is limited to Digital Weighing Balance having Id No. XYZ


Maintenance Officer/Executive: To prepare qualification protocol, report and co-ordinate the entire qualification activity.

Quality Assurance Officer/Executive: To witness the qualification study and ascertain that the study is conducted as per the protocol.

Production Officer/Executive: To execute qualification study in co-ordination with other departments.

Head Maintenance: To review the qualification documents.

Head Quality Assurance: To approve the qualification documents.


Sr. No.ID. No.CapacityLeast   countLocationMakeModel No.Serial No.
  1XYZMax. : 50.00 Kg Min. : 0.50 Kg0.01 KgPacking HallMettler ToledoNAExample: ABCD


Qualification of the equipment should meet the acceptance criteria outlined in the following steps.

5.1 Installation Verification Report

Sr. No.Check pointsAcceptance criteriaObservationsChecked by sign/date
1Check the levelling of the equipment on level indicator.Air bubble shall be at centre position of level indicator.  
2Placing location1. Bench top or floor shall be steady and even surface. 2. Location shall be free from heat, vibration and moisture.  

5.2 Multimeter Calibration Verification Report

Sr. No.Measuring DeviceAcceptance Criteria   ID. No.   Calibration  done On & due onObservationChecked by Sign/ Date
 MultimeterIt shall be calibrated for its performance.    

5.3 Calibration Status of Standard Weights

Sr. No.Standard WeightsAcceptance criteriaObservationChecked by sign/date
1Check the calibration of standard weights.Standard weights should be calibrated for its performance.   

5.4 Operational Verification Report

Sr. No.Check pointsAcceptance criteriaObservationsChecked by sign/date
1Press ‘Φ’ button.Balance should turn ON.  
  2Press ‘T’ button.Balance should tare (zero – setting).  
3Press ‘Φ’ button.Balance should turn OFF.  

5.5 Utility Verification Report

Sr. No.UtilityAcceptance criteriaObservationChecked by sign/date
1ElectricitySingle phase, 230 + 10% V AC and 50 + 5% Hz  

 5.6 Eccentricity Test Report

5.6.1 Procedure

Eccentricity test is carried out by placing 1/3 rd weight of maximum capacity i.e. 20.00 Kg on weighing platform at 5 different locations (four corners & center) and Values displayed by Balance against standard weight are recorded in a following table.

Location IDStandard WeightsObservation/Weight DisplayedChecked by sign/date
120.00 Kg            
220.00 Kg  
320.00 Kg  
420.00 Kg  
520.00 Kg  
  • Acceptance Criteria: 19.18 Kg to 20.02 Kg
  • Remark: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5.7 Linearity Test Report

5.7.1 Procedure

Linearity test is carried out by placing 4 different standard weights i.e. 0.50 Kg, 15.00 Kg, 30.00 Kg and 50.00 Kg one by one on weighing platform in ascending order and by removing the placed standard weights in descending order. Values displayed by Balance against standard weights area recorded in a following table

Sr. No.Standard Weights                Observation/Weight DisplayedChecked by sign/date
AAscending order
10.50 Kg  
215.00 Kg  
330.00 Kg  
450.00 Kg  
BDescending  order
150.00 Kg  
230.00 Kg  
315.00 Kg  
40.50 Kg  
  • Acceptance Criteria:     0.49 Kg to 0.51 Kg for 0.50 Kg

   14.98 Kg to 15.02 Kg for 15.00 Kg

   29.97 Kg to 30.03 Kg for 30.00 Kg

   49.95 Kg to 50.05 Kg for 50.00 Kg

  • Remark: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5.8 Repeatability Test Report

5.8.1 Procedure:

Repeatability test is carried out by placing minimum i.e. 0.50 Kg, optimum i.e. 25.00 Kg and maximum i.e. 50.00 Kg weight of capacity of balance 5 times on weighing platform and values displayed by Balance against standard weight are recorded in a following table.

Sr. No.  Standard WeightsObservation/Weight DisplayedChecked by sign/date
10.50 Kg  
20.50 Kg  
30.50 Kg  
40.50 Kg  
50.50 Kg  
625.00 Kg  
725.00 Kg  
825.00 Kg  
925.00 Kg  
1025.00 Kg  
1150.00 Kg  
1250.00 Kg  
1350.00 Kg  
1450.00 Kg  
1550.00 Kg  
  • Acceptance Criteria:     0.49 Kg to 0.51 Kg for 0.50 Kg

                                                 24.97 Kg to 25.02 Kg for 25.00 Kg

                                                 49.95 Kg to 50.05 Kg for 50.00 Kg

  • Remark: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Sr. No.Deviation (s)Justification for acceptance criteriaImpact on installation, operation and performance





        Qualification is satisfactory.                                     Yes/No

        Hence Balance can be used for routine use.             Yes/No

                                                                                                            Head- Q.A.


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