Working and Principle of Tablet Coating Machine

What are the Main Parts of Tablet Coating Machine

Automated Control System

This is the part of the tablet Coating machine that automatically controls its various functions.

Such functions include operating/running of the machine, process data display, speed, pressure, and temperature.

This helps in ensuring the efficiency of the machine.

Electric Motors

Electric motors facilitate various operations of the tablet Coating Machine.

These functions include blowing air, mixing the tablets, and creating negative pressure.

Electric motors are present in different sections of the tablet coating machine.

They include a coating drum, hot air equipment, peristalsis pump and the air exhaust section.

Touch Screen Operating Panel

This is that part of the machine that an operator can observe, input various control and monitor its operations which has a user-friendly interface for easy operation.

Guide Plate

The function of a guide plate in a tablet coating machine is to allow for the smooth tumbling of the tablets. This is essential when blowing hot air through the tablets during the drying process.

It is also important in the mixing process of the tablets.

Peristaltic Pump

Stepper Motor Coating Machine Supporting Dispensing Peristaltic Pump|peristaltic  pump|pump pumpstepper motor peristaltic pump - AliExpress

A peristaltic pump offers constant pressure to the Tablet coating machine, thereby eliminating the need for return pipes. It also aids in the stabilization of the atoms during the spraying process.

Spraying System

The spraying system consists of the nozzle, tank, and a pump.

Its functions include the atomization stability, cleaning, and maintenance of the spraying gun and storing the tablet coating solution.

It also minimizes spraying gun plug-up and ensures even and efficient atomization.

Pan Cooling Surface

The pan cooling Surface consists of an Automatic Load cell System that helps in regulating the volume of the spraying solution.

It also consists of the electronic pulse valve, a Discharging device, an Exhaust dust collector, an air heating unit, and an air distribution device.

Other parts include; a Magnetic stirrer, air pipes, and fittings, and a flexible drum filter holder.

Coating Preparation Tank

This is where the preparation of the coating solution takes place.

How does Tablet Coating Machine Work

The working of a tablet Coating machine involves the selection of suitable materials.

This is dependent on the kind of tablets that you are using and the desired final coating process.

There are criteria that you can use to select the best coating materials.

The next step is the tablet spinning which involves putting the tablets in a drum and rotating it in an orbital way.

It is a continuous process where the streamlined plates control most of the operations.

As the drum spins, a nozzle sprays a coating solution to the tablets.

It is an automatic process that an operator controls using the controlling system.

This helps in ensuring there are accuracy and an even spray of the tablets.

Also, the angled baffles present in the drum turn the tables sideways facilitating even spraying of the tablets, while the spaying and rotation continue, the machine pumps hot air into the drum which results in the rapid coating of the solution.

The machine allows for the self-regulation of the hot air temperature that flows within it and the reason for this excess temperature can affect the chemical composition of the tablets.

The machine also regulates the pressure within the drum in line with that of the outside environment.

After all the tablets have a uniform coating, the spinning and spraying stop, the tablets then proceed to the drying section.

Here, air flows over the tablets and drying them.

There is regulation as to the volume of air that flows to ensure there is no reaction with the tablets. Once this is over, your tablets are ready for packaging.


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