Inspection of Capsule

Inspection procedure  for Capsule :

After line clearance, transfer the filled capsule in SS tray or on the inspection table layered with HDPE polythene bag and spread the capsules on inspection table.
Capsule should be visually checked for various defects (Dented, telescopic, Poor printing or no printing on capsules, Poor locking Quality, Improper polishing, Double caps Empty capsule etc) & Rejected capsules should be kept in Polythene bag containing online rejection label as per SOP of “Procedure for Status Labelling” .
Collect the good capsules in HDPE container lined with double polythene bags and weigh  and label it properly as per Batch Manufacturing record
Summary of rejection quantity for various defect of capsule shall be recorded as per provision given in Batch Manufacturing record
Some Picture of various defect of capsule given below for clarity regarding distinguish the different types defect.
Pictures of various Defect of Capsule

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