Equipment Usage Logbook-Procedure and Format

What is Equipment usage logbook :

The purpose of this Document is for Recording the usage, cleaning and maintenance activity of Equipment in a chronological order, with done by, checked and reviewed by signature.

Separate Equipment usage log shall be issued for each process Equipment and Issued Equipment usage log book shall be used for execution.

Equipment Logbook shall be the person who has done or perform the activity and shall be checked by another person for correctness.

All equipment user logs shall be under the control of quality assurance department.

The equipment user log shall contain the following details.

Equipment information

The first page of all equipment log shall contain the equipment information  i.e., equipment name, equipment number, model and month.

Equipment user log issued from quality assurance department on request of production.

Equipment user log format.

Equipment user log shall contain the details of user log (Annexure-1)

Quality assurance department shall issue the equipment user log for equipment on rising of requisition slips fore equipment user log duly approved by  In-charge /executive.

The respective section In-charge shall verify the equipment user log.

The executive Quality Assurance department shall review all the log for every 15 days. In case of any discrepancy, the same should be brought to the notice of the respective department In-charge for corrective action.

 The completed user log shall be returned to QA department.

 Document controller shall store the completed log.

Entries in user log :

All the entries shall be made with black ballpoint pen.

If any column is not applicable, enter NA in the respective column.

Time shall be entered as hours round the clock. For ex: 12 AM shall be entered as 00.00 hour and 1:00 PM shall be entered as  13:00hour.

Any events related to the instrument shall be entered in remarks  column otherwise enter “Nil”.

The respective department operator /executive shall fill all the  columns in the user log before starting the procedure / analysis  except end time and remarks column. End time and remarks  column shall be filled after the completion of activity.

Correction of wrong entries:

For any error during entry, the following process followed and In case, any wrong entry occurs, strike it out with a single line.

Clearly write the correct entry near the wrong entry.

Sign and put the date on which the correction was made.

 If an entire line has to be deleted, strike it out with a single line (horizontal/vertical).

 Write a note explaining the reason for deletion with sign and date.  

The section-in-charge shall verify and counter sign on the same.

For more Topic or contents you can click or refer to my another website named as

Annex – 1 Equipment Usage Logbook


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