Operation of Fume Hood in Quality Control Laboratory

1.0       OBJECTIVE

  1. To lay down a procedure for operation of fume hood.


2.1      Chemist / Executive – Quality Control – to follow the procedure.

2.2      Supervisor / Manager – Quality Control to ensure adherence to the procedure.

2.3      Head – Quality Control for implementation and compliance.


3.1      OPERATION

  • Ensure that the equipment is clean and free from dust.
  • Switch on the mains to the fume hood.
  • Switch on the light by switching on the red coloured switch provided on the front side of the fume hood.
  • Ensure the exhaust by switching on the green button provided at the right side of the fume hood.
  • Ensure the constant operation of exhaust.
  • Avoid rapid movements at hood face when the door is open.
  • Utilize the regulators provided at the left side of hood for water, airflow and LPG.provided inside the hood. 
  • Press the black button to monitor the airflow provided on the top right side of hood.
  • After completion of work ensure the cleanliness of hood and close the door by pulling it down.
  • Switch off the light and then mains.
  • Check the velocity of fume hood using Anemometer at 3 different positions ( Left corner , middle and Right corner ) and record in Annexure -1
  •  Acceptance criteria: 100 + 15 Feet / minute.
  •  Frequency:  Half yearly


Not Applicable


 Not Applicable


Annexure –I – Performance verification Record for fume hood

Annexure –I Performance verification Record for fume hood

Make:   Equipment ID No.: 
Model:   Performed on  : 
Serial No.: Frequency:Half yearly  

     Average Velocity:

     Anemometer ID No .:__________________      Due date :_______________

  S.No  Observed Velocity (Feet / minute )Remarks

Acceptance Criteria:   100 ± 15  Feet /Minute       

Performance Status                        :

Performed by: ____________                                                           Reviewed By : ___________

Date              : ____________                                                           Date               : ____________


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