Preventive Maintenance of HPLC’s


1.1        To describe the procedure for preventive maintenance of HPLC’s


2.1       Executive  – Quality Control– To perform the preventive maintenance activity.

2.2        Head – Quality Control  – To ensure compliance against established schedule.



3.1       Ensure that the power supply to the instrument is switched “off” before starting the preventive maintenance.

3.2       Clean the instrument with a clean dry cloth every day.

3.3       Performance checks shall be done for the following parameters as per Calibration sop After doing preventive maintenance

3.4       Enter the values in standard maintenance card as per sop Preventive Maintenance procedure for Laboratory Instruments.

3.5       The following components of HPLC shall be subjected for preventive maintenance on the schedule date.

3.5.1 Pump Solvent Separation Module  Switch off the main power switch provided on the backside.  Clean front panel and cover Sonicate solvent inlet filters, drain valve filter inlet and outlet check  valves in methanol for 5 min. open pump head check plunger and plunger seal for scratches on the   plunger, replace if necessary Check seal wash assembly seals, replace if necessary. Check and sonicate inlet valve cartridges Check pump functioning for pressure fluctuations.

  3.6    Auto Injector

           3.6.1    Check the injector syringe, replace if necessary

          3.6.2    Clean all tubes in injector

          3.6.3    Perform the purge and compression ensures all fitting are tight.

         3.6.4    Adjust seal pack if necessary to optimise the needle port.

        3.6.5    Check needle and the seal pack seals replace if necessary.

  3.7    Column Oven

            3.7.1     Remove dirt from panel and cover

            3.7.2     Check the function of circuit cooling fan, replace if it is not working.

           3.7.3     Check column oven functioning

          3.7.4     Check leak sensor functioning

  • 3.7.5 Check tubing connections for damages, cut tubing and replace new tubing if 


   3.8  Detector

          3.8.1   Check the intensity and running hours of  lamp, replace if necessary.

         3.8.2  Remove the flow cell and sonicate it for 10 minutes in methanol with water. 

         3.8.3    Fix the flow cell back after sonication.

        3.8.4    Purge the detector with methanol and nitrogen.

  • 3.9 Enter the preventive maintenance checks in standard maintenance card as per   
  • 3.10 Stick the under preventive maintenance label before doing preventive maintenance as per SOP  

             Preventive Maintenance procedure for Laboratory Instruments.

3.11  Stick the preventive maintenance status label duly filled as per SOP Preventive Maintenance procedure for Laboratory Instruments.

3.12      Frequency of schedule is every 3 months.


     4.1       SOP – Standard Operating Procedure

      4.2       HPLC – High performance liquid chromatography

4.3 QC-Quality Control.


      5.1       SOP Preventive Maintenance procedure for Laboratory Instruments.




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