Quality Risk Management (QRM) Report for Non Operational Area Shutdown

The scope of this Risk assessment report is to provide the procedure for Quality Risk Management study for the non operational area shutdown and we can save the utility bills of our organization and can implement the same at our respective sites without impacting the product quality.

The Approach adopted to carry out risk assessment is failure mode effect analysis (FMEA) and in this report we have to study various risk parts like Risk identification, Risk analysis, evaluation, Severity, occurrence, detection, critical control points, current control points and Risk priority number.

Risk Review :

As per the QRM execution for the process of non operational area shut down various risk were identified. All the identification parameter meets the current control points under acceptable mode. The risk level based on Risk Priority number (RPN) is found widely acceptable.

Conclusion :

Based on QRM execution and risk review it was concluded that the risk involve in shutdown of nonoperational area is widely acceptable.


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