Warehouse Personnel Responsibilities in Pharmaceuticals

As you know in pharmaceutical industry there are various departments like Production, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Engineering, Technology Transfer, Warehouse, Research and development and Human resource Department etc.

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Warehouse or Stores are the department in pharmaceuticals where Raw material (Active & Excipients) and Packing materials which are used in the manufacturing of batches shall be received and stored at required storage condition.

After final packing products are stored in Finished Goods stores of warehouse and after Quality control and Quality Assurance released products are dispatched to market.

Following are the job responsibilities of Warehouse personnel and this topic will help to the freshers as well as Experience personnel to gain some basic knowledge in Pharmaceuticals.

1.To maintained Warehouse and Finished Goods area clean and presentable for audit.

2. To follow Good Documentation practices and safety instructions & ensure compliance while working in warehouse.

3. Receiving of Raw materials and Packing materials and Prepare Goods receipt Note (GRN)

4. Recording of Temperature, Relative Humidity and Differential Pressure in stores and Finished Goods area.

5. Arrangements of Raw material and Packing material in stores according to the status i.e Under test Approved, Rejected and Quarantine etc.

6. Dispensing and issue of Raw materials and Packing materials to production and Packing department as per respective Batch manufacturing and Packing record.

7. Filling the Equipment Logbooks and area logbooks and entries in Batch manufacturing and Packing record after dispensing. 

8. To perform the Calibration and Verification of Weighing balances.

9. Ensure compliance with current Good manufacturing Practice (cGMP) in warehouse.

10. Manpower handling in warehouse department.

11. Physical verification of stocks as per Standard Operating procedure.

12. Follow up with Quality control department for timely sampling and release of materials.

13. Preparation of Standard Operating Procedure related to warehouse department.

14. To provide SOP Training to juniors or new joining persons.

15. Responsible for Handling of Change control and Deviations.

16. Prepare packing list and dispatch plan for Finished Goods and dispatch of Finished Goods.

17. Identify the materials which are due for Retesting on monthly basis and inform to respective department for sampling of the same.

18. Handling of Damaged, Rejected and Expired materials in warehouse.

19. To follow online documentation in Raw material, Packing material and Finished Goods store.

20. Follow up with purchase and commercial department for disposal of non moving, obsolete and rejected raw and packing materials.

21. Temperature mapping in Stores and Finished Goods area.

22. Posting and Transaction of materials in SAP or ERP system.

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