Different Types of Training in Pharmaceuticals

Training plays an important role in any industry and it gives a clear understanding about the roles and responsibilities of a person working in an organization.

There are different types of Training which are as follows

(1)  Induction Training 
(2)  On Job Training 
(3)  Self Reading Training
(4)  Class Room Training
(5)  External Training 
(6)  Incidental Training 
(7)  Refresher Training 

Induction Training:

Training given to the new joinee (Employee) at the time of joining the organization for awareness of organization and organization personnel is termed as Induction Training.

Whenever a new employee is joining the organization, on completion of joining procedure, Personnel – HRA shall give him / her first-hand information regarding the company’s profile, group activities, service benefits, service rules, administrative rules, disciplinary rules and personnel hygiene.

 Human Resource department shall also provide “Induction Manual” for awareness of organization.

On completion of reading of “Induction Manual”, Personnel – HRA shall take him / her for plant round to familiar with plant as well as plant personnel.

On Job Training :

Training given to an employee at the work place is termed as On Job Training.

On completion of Induction Training and Departmental Training, department head or section head or his / her designee shall give “On Job Training” to new employee at work place to understand the practical procedure regarding his / her work profile.

In case an employee does not qualify in his / her performance, training need is assessed by the superior and “On Job Training” shall be given to employee again.

Self Reading Training :

The effects of reading strategy instruction, called Self Reading Training and also self reading training includes explaining the meaning of information to self while reading.

Only qualified trainers shall be read SOPs and cGMP modules and understand the information / instruction given in that.

Class Room Training :

Training given to an employee in class room or other than work place is termed as Class Room Training.

For the training program, employees will gather at the designated location

Faculty shall give training in English and / or Hindi language to all employees and along with training, wherever required training material shall be given to all employees.

External Training : 

Training given to employee outside the plant location / by the person other than the Organization Group is termed as External Training.

Human Resource & Administration department with consultation of all department heads shall prepare employee list for external training program

Incidental Training : 

Training given to employee with respect to incident to aware the severity / harm of particular incident.

In case some incident happens in the plant, such type of the training shall be conducted for the concerned personnel and Incidental Training Program shall be announced on emergency basis.

Refresher Training : 

Training given to an employee at a defined frequency to freshen-up the knowledge is termed as Refresher Training.

The Purpose of refresher training is to ensure that skills among staff remain sharp and that previous learning are retained and kept current.

Apart from the training schedule/calendar, cGMP and other refresher SOP training shall be also conducted throughout the year periodically for the completion of training for remaining persons.

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