Month: June 2021

Qualification of System and equipment’s in Pharmaceutical

What is Qualification : The act of planning, carrying out and recording the results of tests on equipment's and system to confirm its capabilities and to demonstrate that it will perform consistently as intended use and against predefined specification. General requirements : premises, systems, utilities and equipment should be appropriately designed, installed, qualified, operated, cleaned … Continue reading Qualification of System and equipment’s in Pharmaceutical


Working and Principle of Tablet Coating Machine

What are the Main Parts of Tablet Coating Machine Automated Control System This is the part of the tablet Coating machine that automatically controls its various functions. Such functions include operating/running of the machine, process data display, speed, pressure, and temperature. This helps in ensuring the efficiency of the machine. Electric Motors Electric motors facilitate … Continue reading Working and Principle of Tablet Coating Machine

Inspection of Capsule

Inspection procedure¬† for Capsule : After line clearance, transfer the filled capsule in SS tray or on the inspection table layered with HDPE polythene bag and spread the capsules on inspection table. Capsule should be visually checked for various defects (Dented, telescopic, Poor printing or no printing on capsules, Poor locking Quality, Improper polishing, Double caps … Continue reading Inspection of Capsule

Equipment Usage Logbook-Procedure and Format

What is Equipment usage logbook : The purpose of this Document is for Recording the usage, cleaning and maintenance activity of Equipment in a chronological order, with done by, checked and reviewed by signature. Separate Equipment usage log shall be issued for each process Equipment and Issued Equipment usage log book shall be used for … Continue reading Equipment Usage Logbook-Procedure and Format