Month: May 2021

What is a Fishbone Diagram

The fish bone diagram or Ishikawa  diagram is a cause-and-effect diagram that helps to identify many possible causes for an problem and it can be used as a Investigation tool. It can be used in case of any Deviation, Market Compliant, Out of specification to identify the possible root cause for the problem. The diagram looks … Continue reading What is a Fishbone Diagram


Dissolution Test most important Interview Questions and Answers

Hi this is Chandrasekhar Panda and welcome to all my readers and followers. As you know that previously i have updated some interview questions and answers regarding dissolution Test. Always i have tried to provide good contains for my readers and i hope this topic will be useful to the persons working in Quality control … Continue reading Dissolution Test most important Interview Questions and Answers

Ultra Violet Visible spectroscopy Principles

Introduction:  UV-Visible spectroscopy is a mature and well-established analytical technique used extensively in many industry sectors including Environmental Analysis, Pharmaceutical Testing, Food and Beverage Production etc. Spectroscopy is the measurement and interpretation of electromagnetic radiation absorbed or emitted when the molecules or atoms or ions of a sample moves from one energy state to another … Continue reading Ultra Violet Visible spectroscopy Principles

System suitability in HPLC Analysis

System suitability is to prove that system is working perfectly before the analysis on HPLC, GC, TOC analyser or any other system. It is required to done before every sample analysis. HPLC, short for High-performance liquid chromatography is a technique used for separating the components in a mixture. HPLC chromatographic technique is used in pharmaceutical industries for analysis. System suitability testing limits are … Continue reading System suitability in HPLC Analysis